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January 6, 2014
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It isn’t easy to find just the right diet for everyone. We all try to look for it and we all long for the day when we get the right nutritional value and could perfectly call ourselves as “perfectly healthy human beings.” Despite all the gym and exercise in the world, nothing beats a good diet program. Campbell’s Lifestyle Changing Menu.

 Even if you constantly hit the gym and do your best to lose those weights, you still have the same amount of risk of getting sickness as that of an obese man if you don’t properly get the right nutrition for your body. That is why a good diet menu should never be underestimated.

That is exactly what giant canned soup producer, Campbell Soup Company, promotes and offers. This company has been founded more than 140 years ago by a humble fruit merchant. He was wise enough to see opportunity when it arrived and from simple preserved vegetable soups, it became into what is now a multi-million dollar company. Not only does it sell canned soups, it is also a producer of pasta, juices and other baked goods that have also been made popular by the brand.


While the brand has gotten critical acclaims, many are still sceptical to buy their products because they reportedly have really high sodium contents. Campbell tried to fix this problem by launching a new line of healthy canned soups that claim of having low-sodium content for those who are extremely health conscious. In order to boost this campaign, the company also has a new Campbell soup diet menu for its consumers.

This diet menu has three different calorie levels that are based on the activity level of the one doing it. It also has a 30 day program in which Campbell has prepared different meals for you to follow each day. The good things is that it doesn’t only consists of Campbell related products. You also get to take in nutrients from other food sources.

For example, the diet menu would make you eat a perfectly healthy and satisfying breakfast meal like whole wheat sandwiches. Then at lunch, you should cut back and only open one of Campbell’s healthy product line soups which contain very little sodium. At dinner, you could eat something that even has fewer calories than your first two meals. However, the company doesn’t encourage their consumers to go way overboard.


For inactive women – those who consume more than they actually lose through physical activities – are advised to go for the 1200 calorie plan. For inactive men and women who are active and do actual physical labour, 1600 calories should be able to maintain their daily meals. Lastly, for men who are physically active and go about each day, 2000 calories is the recommended amount for them.

There are many choices for you if you really would like to go through this diet plan. Aside from Campbell’s Healthy Request Soups, you could always eat the other soups that the company has to offer. Although they have higher sodium contents, you could always minimize your intake by lessening it on other meals. And if that doesn’t work, Campbell has add-ons that you could eat so you won’t feel unsatisfied with your meal. Campbell soups have reportedly only 10 percent of calories coming from saturated fat.

Still, just as no exercise in the world could succeed without a good diet plan, the same goes for the other one. Live a healthy lifestyle through consuming the right kinds of food and by monitoring your physical conditions well. Campbell doesn’t guarantee that you would live a long life, only you can do that.

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