Progresso Soup Diet Menu

May 22, 2014

Progresso has a great line of nutritious soups that are affordable and delicious. Progresso Soup Diet Menu. There is such a great variety from which to choose. I would say that there is a soup for everyone’s taste. In this article we will discuss some menus using Progresso soups. The Progresso Soup diet craze started after the manufacturers challenged people to go on the soup diet, claiming that they would experience rapid weight loss.

Are you looking to lose weight so you will look great for that class reunion?  Or maybe you are getting married and want to fit into that beautiful bride’s dress. Let’s get started now so you can decide which kind of Progresso Soup diet you want to try.

Each serving of Progresso soup is 100 calories or less and you can make it your main meal for a week. You cannot get bored because of all of the varieties of soup to choose from.


Although the Progresso Soup Diet will help you lose weight, you must remember that it is not a long term diet. Stay on the diet for seven days and no more than that.


Progresso Soup Menu

If you have decided to take the weight loss route of using Progresso soups, you have a lot of variety to choose from. For seven days replace your meals with your choice of soup for lunch and supper. Since the soups do not provide all of the nutrients that your body needs, you need to add fruits, grains and vegetables to your soup diet. You have to eat smart when you are on this Progresso Soup diet. Some of the things that you need to consider are:

·         Fiber – There are several ways for you to add fiber to your diet.

1.      Beans

2.      Whole Grain Bread

3.      Artichokes

4.      Fiber Powder – Just sprinkle powder on your food for added fiber.

·         Protein – It is imperative that you add protein to your diet.

·         Exercise – Plan for more exercise. No diet helps if you don’t add or increase exercise.

·         Don’t give up – If the plan is going to work, you have to be persistent and stick to the program.

Progresso Soup has some menus that will help you add protein and fiber to your diet.

·         Chick Pea Soup

·         Spinach and Meatball Soup

·         Pasta and Chick Pea

·         Tuscan Bean Soup

·         Rice and Bean Soup

·         Lentil Soup

These are all different kinds of Progresso Soup recipes for your weekly menu. You can find the directions for these recipes at


Please remember when you start a soup diet like this, you have to make sure that you get the

proper nutrition to sustain your body. You might want to get some protein shakes to supplement your

Progresso soup diet.

Remember that the soups have a lot of sodium and they do not have all of the daily nutrition that your body needs. Progresso Soup Diet Menu. Also, even though some people will claim that you do not need to exercise, do not listen to them. Exercise is essential to your health and it will also help you with your goal of weight loss. Exercise is vital whether you are on a special diet or not.  You might want to consider taking some vitamins and adding fish oil capsules. Drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day, as well. Your body needs water and drinking water will decrease hunger pangs.

Remember when you go back to normal eating the weight tends to come back. You might consider doing the Progresso Soup diet 7 days out of every month to keep your weight loss intact.


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Campbell’s Chunky Soup Diet

May 16, 2014

 Pick up any fashion or health magazine and somewhere on that cover mention of the latest diet will be in evidence. Dieting has become a national past-time it seems. Campbell’s Chunky Soup Diet. Books, diet plans, whole lines of diet foods, advertising, talk shows – the bombardment is never ending. And it is getting to be a bit ridiculous. Let us propel a bit of sense into the discussion.

            Over the years you may have become a little less physically active and gained a few extra pounds – it happens. Perhaps you just decided to indulge yourself and eat the foods you enjoy. Maybe your clothes are fitting a bit snugger or the doctor has advised you try to take off a few pounds. For whatever reason, you are now on a mission to lose a reasonable amount of weight. Of course, any time you undertake a weight loss program, you need to consult with your doctor if you have not already.


            So, where to begin? Raw vegetables? Grapefruit juice? High carbohydrates? Low carbohydrates? No food, only liquids? No need to fret, remember, we said we were injecting a bit of sense into the discussion.

            Nothing makes more sense in a healthy diet than eating in moderation, when meal preparation is fast and easy, and you have a variety of healthy options. The option has been available for years and we were just blind-sided by the diet crazes the nation was dazzled by. We never even considered…


Campbell’s Chunky Soup


Yes, Campbell’s. We are all familiar with the brand, it’s as American as cheeseburgers at a cookout…Wait, they have that variety!  Hearty Cheeseburger Soup – yum. Who hasn’t had a nice bowl of Campbell’s on cold winter’s day?  Or paired with a sandwich? By the time you made it to the sandwich, you were almost completely full!


            In fact, Campbell’s Chunky Soup is available in 30 flavors. 13 of those flavors are Healthy Request Chunky soups which are heart healthy. You can enjoy the bold, hearty flavor of Healthy Request Chunky soups that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

            There is no mess or fuss involved in warming up a can of that delicious soup and you will find there just isn’t any left to go to waste.


Campbell’s – It’s What’s For Dinner


Not just for dinner either; lunch, between- meal snacks, and they make terrific dip options with a little preparation. Don’t take my word for it, Campbell’s Chunky Soup is the official soup of the NFL. That is one bunch of folks that know how to eat.

            Campbell’s offers you so much variety. You can visit their website for great recipe ideas at: Go ahead and see all the delicious and healthy options Campbell’s Chunky Soup has for you.

            Eating a healthy breakfast and replacing two meals a day with healthy varieties of Campbell’s will have you well on your way to reaching your healthy weight goals…and not one word was said about diets. Campbell’s…it’s mmm mmm good.

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Be the Biggest Loser with the Progresso Soup Diet and Have a chance to win !

May 10, 2014

 The concept of the diet known as the Progresso soup diet came to popularity because of the contest in the show the Biggest Loser that has become well known because it is based on which of the contestants loses more weight during a specific period of time. Be the Biggest Loser with the Progresso Soup Diet and Have a chance to win ! Progresso has a wide variety of low calorie soups that are delicious with different flavors so there are plenty of options so you can include them in a low calorie diet too achieve your goals of losing weight, and these soups are especially helpful if you are on the go and don’t have much time to prepare homemade meals and will help you keep you in a good regime while you lose the weight.  Some of the great flavors I most enjoy are lentils, roasted chicken and vegetable, Clam chowder, and beef pot roast.


Personally I have a goal I am setting this year to lose some weight and get into good shape and good eating habits to be healthy.  With the years passing by it seems to be getting more difficult to lose weight and I need to get on this regime soon! After doing some research about diets I found out I need low calorie meals and with the low calorie Progresso canned soups in the market it’s a great way to start and include them in my diet plan and will give me more tasty options and help vary my meals because they offer good content with vegetables, carbs and protein. I also have learned about the Souper You Contest that Progresso is promoting and that consists in the following criteria:


·         The contest will give 3 fortunate people the opportunity in participate in an extreme image renovation that comes with paid trip to LALA land with a shopping rampage with money to spend and tickets to the show The Biggest Loser final episode and many other gifts.


  • To participate in this promotion you can log on the contest website and participate in this promotion by writing a short essay describing why you deserve to win the prize and also sharing a photo that complements your essay, this has to be before February 14th 2014 to be able to participate for the experience of a lifetime.
  • You must follow the contest rules and read the terms and conditions in more detail to begin and participate as soon as possible to be able to qualify before the deadline.
  • All entries received will be evaluated by determined criteria that will help make a decision on the final candidates for the 3 picks for this great prize.
  • The probability of winning depends on the number of submissions received by Progresso and the quality of your application.

If you have not watched the show The Biggest Loser, it’s on NBC on Tuesdays. I personally recommend you to tune in and start getting motivated by watching this great show.

 PROGRESSO SOUP DIET+ Spinach meatball

Remember that losing weight is a process and depending on your situation you have to realize that apart from a good nutrition you need to get in an exercise program and start moving to burn calories, making time to do this combined with a diet plan that can include Progresso low calorie canned soups with your favorite flavors can make this a fun time  and a great challenge. Also you can participate in this contest and have the chance of a lifetime to experience a complete makeover and you don’t lose anything by trying, you also can become the Biggest Loser in your household!  So don’t be afraid of being the Biggest Loser with Progresso Soups.

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Eating Away the Pounds, Spoon by Spoon

May 4, 2014

Weight Loss is always a topic on the minds of thousands,

when men and women everywhere want to retake

control of their lives and their body, want to get in

shape, or merely want to slim down to fit into that great

new party outfit. Eating Away the Pounds, Spoon by Spoon. But just as common is the concern, and

fear of the word ‘diet’. Many believe dieting means

starving themselves, depriving themselves of loved

foods, or living a live eating nothing but objects that

more closely resemble cardboard. With this in mind,

many fear dieting, and many weight loss theories, and

for good reason. Or… at least so they think…


The Progresso Soup Diet Plan

Unlike hundreds of tried, old, flash fad diet theories that

never seem to work, while making weight loss practicers

feel like their being starved, or pumping something

unnatural — and unhealthy — into their bodies, the

Progresso Soup Diet plan is here to promise good food,

good eating, and a trimmer waist. Participants can eat

their fill and save some for later, and always know a

good meal is coming next.


Not only that, but while many other diet plans that, like

Progresso, offer great food and great results, Progresso

soups are quick and easy, so dieters on the go can have

a meal in less than five minutes, if they need to. There’s

no need to sit down and prepare lavish feasts, waiting

two to three hours for something to cook before you

have the opportunity to eat. A quick microwave, or a pan

on the stove, and full, delicious meal full of nutrients and

variety are ready for your consumption, lickety split.

You’re already working hard; dieting, exercising,

watching yourself. Why punish yourself by waiting for

food to cook, or wind up late to an important occasion or



‘Progress’ is in the Name

The Progresso Soup Diet doesn’t work as fast as many of

the trendier types do, fads being fads simply for their

speedy, celebrity endorsed names. But it does work



. Fad diets come and go in a flash, and that’s

because, while they can drop tens of pounds in a matter

of days, those tens of pounds are known to spring right

back the tomorrow after. The Progresso Soup Diet is

slow going, but ensures what you burn off stays that

way, and ticks away at your scale measure while adding

loads to your confidence with every single spoonful of

wonderful, flavorful soups.


Why People Should Pick Progresso Soup

The Progresso company has been making soups for 50

to 100 years, and nowadays, every can is a delicious

100, that’s both filling, healthy, and pleasant to taste.

They’re all made with real ingredients; real, grown

vegetables, real chicken broth, each picked fresh, well

chosen, and cut in large, serveable bites. Progresso is

sure only to put quality into their soups, and nothing

more, in their eyes, is acceptable except for flavor,

freshness, and filling quality.


“We Love Progresso Soup”

The Progresso Soup Diet Plan is supported by weight loss

agencies nationwide. It’s been acclaimed on a multitude

of News Shows, Morning Shows, and by chefs and fitness

agents around for the great taste, and the reliable

promise of fitness. Weight Watchers even offers points,

for every can of Progresso Soup eaten. It’s no wonder

the Progresso Diet became so loved and popular without

being a fad, or giving false promises of ‘lose thirty

pounds in a week’. This diet actually works, and

sacrifices nothing that thousands still fear giving up

when the word ‘diet’ still comes into play. Progresso is a

soup company, after all. If anyone knows food, it’s the

people who make it.


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Progresso soup diet weight loss

March 12, 2014

With obesity on the rise in most of the developed world, it comes

as no surprise that weight loss has become an important issue in

our society. Progresso soup diet weight loss. Being granted a healthy body and lifestyle by Nature

is a thing of the past; one now has to work to maintain one’s

health and figure.

However, most people are far too busy and overworked to keep

up a regular diet and exercise plan, and as such most opt for

methods that produce quick results. That is why the usage of

crash diets has only increased in the recent years, and vary

greatly in their methods.

One such diet is based completely on soup. The Progresso Soup

Diet, as it is being popularly called, is a new diet plan which has

become well-known thanks to the Internet – inadvertent publicity

across social networks as well as discussions on public forums

and weight loss websites have propagated the plan worldwide.



It was originally started as a promotional campaign for the

release of Progresso Light Soups, in which participants were

asked to make Progresso Light Soups a regular part of their diet.

The winner was whomever lost the most weight in the given

amount of time.

Rise to Fame

After the end of the contest, the diet gained popularity online due

to its efficiency, which was obvious from the accounts of the

participants, but also for reasons such as availability, cost and

ease. This was a classic case of social viral marketing bringing

awareness to a product.

Benefits of This Diet


: the Progresso Soup Diet is said to reduce one’s fat in a

couple of days, with those on the diet report a consistent amount

of fat loss within a few days of starting it


: Progresso Soups is a common brand easily

attainable at any most shops, from mom-and-pop grocery stores

to leading supermarket chains, unlike most crash diets which

require very specific foods or ingredients

Low cost

: Progresso Soups are inexpensive


: this diet does not ask one to starve themselves, but to

instead simply monitor their calorie intake


Highly filling with low calorie count

: each can of soup having

only 100 calories or so, and two cans of soup being enough to

make one feel full for hours


: Requires little change in one’s lifestyle and eating habits


: Progresso Soups come in a range if flavors, thus

preventing one from getting bored of eating the same thing every


Easy to track

: the label lists the exact amount of calories in each

can, which makes it easier to keep tabs on one’s total calorie



: they require only 5 minutes in the microwave before

they’re ready to eat, perfect for those with fast-paced lives


: Progresso Soups are renown for their taste


: there is no specific amount to be consumed or time

during which it has to be eaten

How to Start the Diet

The specifics of the diet are vague, allowing people to plan

according to their individual needs. All that is required is to eat a

bowl or two of Progresso Soup with one’s meal and compensate

for the consumed calories by eating a slightly smaller serving of

the meal.

For Best Results

– Eat the soup right before a meal

– Keep track of calories and try not to exceed the maximum daily

calorie intake

– Pair with at least a 15 minute workout

– Follow the diet for no more than 10 continuous weeks at a time

– Avoid the use of condiments in one’s soup

– Take at lunch every day

– Do not get discouraged if a day is missed or the calorie intake is

exceeded, just continue with the diet

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Progresso Soup Diet Before and After 

March 5, 2014

When it comes to diets, many of us have tried everything. We are exhausted from the trail and errors when it comes to trying to loose weight. Progresso Soup Diet Before and After. Whether it is pills, diet programs, magic juices, many of us have tried it all. If you look back and see how much money you have spent on trying to loose weight you may faint. Now there is a way to loose weight without having to spend an arm and a leg. You can even add this to the diet plan you may already be on.


Progresso Soup Diet

Many people have found that they are loosing the weight they want just by eating soup. The progresso soup brand has many different choices to choose from. So it does not matter what kind of soup you like they have something to fit everyone’s needs and wants. 

Benefits of this diet





PROGRESSO SOUP DIET+Chickpea-Lentil-Chicken-soup

Some soups can be loaded with veggies and meats and still not have the nutrition that your body needs. Progresso soups have a lot of nutrients that will help make you feel full even when you are not eating a lot of food. 

Now you will still need to add some other foods to your diet because you do not need to just eat soup all the time. So be sure to add some fruits, whole grains and some fiber to your diet to make sure you stay healthy and still loose the weight that you want. 

These soups are very convenient to add to your diet. They are fast and simple to heat up and eat at home or at work.  Some like their soup cold and some like it hot, either way these soups can be very good. You can find these soups in your local grocery store, so there is no need to search and search all over town.

Many times diets can get really expensive very quickly. however, with this diet the soups are very affordable. Many times you can find these soups on sale many places. So this will make it even more affordable to try this diet and see what results you can get. On this diet there is no need for pills, magic juices or any equipment. All you have to do is find the soups you like and eat. 

Many times diets can get boring because you are eating the same thing over and over. Well with this diet you have a variety of soups that you can try.  You may find that you have some favorites already. However, be sure to try different ones so that you can add some flare to your diet.


Adding to other diet plans

If you are already on a diet plan, you can still add these soups to it.  Make sure that you check the diet plan that you are on to be sure that it will be healthy. In some cases you may even want to switch diet plans. It all depends on you and your preferences. 


Right for you?

Is this diet right for you? The only way to know is to try it. If your doctor wants you on  a lower sodium diet, then this diet will be alright. This is because these soups comes in lower sodium options. However, you will never know this by the way they  taste. You always want to consult your doctor when you begin a diet plan. this is  because everyone is different and needs different things to be healthy.


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The Soup Solution

February 21, 2014

If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to lose

weight, a soup option may be the right method for you. The Soup Solution. The

Progresso soup diet offers a balance of low calories with

savory taste and can be added to small meals in order to

ensure you are still receiving all the nutrients you deserve.

To begin, all you need are a few different flavors, a tracker of

your entire food intake, and the discipline to not stray too far

from the traditional one can serving.

 progresso soup diet creamy potato


The Progresso soup diet began when the manufacturer

started its own contest, challenging consumers to lose

weight by only eating their well known selection of soups.

Now, it has become a popular and extremely viable way to

shed some pounds for those without gym memberships or

the cash to hire personal trainers.


The Plan

After deciding that this is what you want to do to lose weight

in an efficient, healthy, and super fast manner, you should

determine how long you want to go on the diet. Typically, a

month or two should work well, but you can do it for longer if

you would like to see more results. The only caveat is that

since these soups do contain a high level of sodium, keeping

these as your only source of nutrition for a long period of

time might not be a wise idea. Therefore, you should eat one

can of soup per meal each day for a certain number of

weeks. Track your calories. Weigh yourself at the end of

each week, and mark your progress in a notebook to see the

effects being produced from your change in eating habits.

Try to stay away from fast foods and stack your fridge with

water or milk only. Sometimes people don’t realize that

eating isn’t the only thing affecting their weight. Beverages

like alcohol and soda also make a difference. Sugary juices

also contribute, so stick to your plan!

 progresso soup diet+ vegetable garden soup



Each can is only 19 oz.


Tastes to choose from: Italian-Style Meatball,

Italian-Style Vegetable, Chicken Vegetable Rotini, Beef Pot

Roast, Chicken and Herb Dumplings, , Zesty

Southwestern-Style Vegetables, Minestrone, New England

Clam Chowder, Roasted Chicken and Vegetable,

Lentil and

Andouille Sausage, Zesty Santa Fe

Style Chicken, Loaded

Potato, Chicken Noodle,

Slow Cooked Vegetable Beef,

Tomato Florentine and Sausage, Savory Vegetable Barley,

and many others


Low fat


Heart healthy, traditional, and light labels available


Part of the Weight Watcher program (1-2 points value)


Kid friendly


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Progresso Soup Diet Plan

November 15, 2013

If you love soup and want to keep a diet, the progresso soup diet plan is the ideal solution. Soup can be a great aid to your diet plan as it hydrates your body and flushes away those nasty chemicals stored in your fat, this is why you will feel great with your soup diet.


The main benefit of having a diet soup plan is that your body needs a lot of water during any kind of diet. Water is important because it melts away fat and helps your brain to stay focused while exercising, this is why you should also include plenty of water in your diet, even if it is a soup diet.


Soup only diet

progresso soup diet plan

 This is one of my favourite diets, it usually takes you about a week do it properly so you must make room for a lot of soup varieties in your kitchen counter. I advise you to keep this diet only if you want to lose a really big amount of fat like 20 pounds in 7 days.


 You must also keep in mind that this diet may require you to supplement your diet plan with some vitamins or minerals, either from fruit or from your local drugstore.


Day One

progresso soup diet creamy potato 

 Start your day with a delicious Heart Healthy Creamy Tomato with Basil soup and then in the afternoon eat some delicious Hearth Healthy Creole style Chicken Gumbo and end your day with some Hearth Healthy Homestyle Vegetable Bee.


   It is important to always alternate between the different flavours of the soup this is why you should always change flavors, this strategy will pay off as your brain will be fooled by the different flavors and will start to associate the soup with the old stakes that you used to eat.




Day Two


   It is always important to replenish your energy level after the first day, this is because the first day of a diet is always the hardest as your body enters a state of metabolic shock, so there is no better way to replenish your resources other than a good protein meal.


   On your second day you can start by eating some delicious Hearth Healthy Italian Style Wedding soup with Meatballs, it is so delicious that you will want to eat it every day and because of the high protein intake of this particular soup, your body will replenish the reservoir of energy it lost during your first day.


Day Three


   progresso soup diet high fiber chicken tucaniOn your third day you may want to switch to a High Fiber Chicken Tuscany, this delicious Chicken Tuscany is so good that it will make your jaw drop.


   In the afternoon you can try some High Fiber Creamy Tomato Basil and here I want to share a secret with you. If you add just a tiny amount of Parseley, your soup will be so good that your family will think that you ordered it from the best restaurant in town.


   End your day with some healthy Progresso High Fiber Homestyle Minestrone and be prepared for the next day, your next day will be crucial for your diet, many people agree that the fourth day is the hardest day of any diet as the body is craving for some of that fat and protein rich stake you used to eat back in the day.


   Now is the time for a minor change so you may have a delicious souprise early in the morning.


Day Four


   On your fourth day you can try some delicious Progresso Traditional 99% Fat Free Beef Barley, this tastes so good that you will never ask your wife to make beef again !


   In the afternoon you might want to try the Traditional 99% Fat Free New England Clam Chowder and you can end your day with some Traditional Beef and Vegetables.


   On your fourth day you must take into consideration your bodies need for vitamins and nutrients so you might want to try adding a bit of lemon juice to your diet, simply get one lemon, pull out the juice and mix it with water, this way you will avoid those bad stomach aches.


Day Five


 progresso soup diet+chickarina marinara with meatballsDay five is really important for your diet, on this day you must introduce more fibers to your diet, try some bananas or oranges, oranges are great because they are packed with vitamins and minerals.


 You may want to start day five with no soup, you must eat about five bananas or oranges because your body needs them and it is the only way to properly keep a diet because a good diet must make your body strong and with no organic fruits included in your diet you will find yourself in a weak position at the end of our dietetic journey into soupland.


In the afternoon you can try some Traditional Beef Barley and you can end your day with some Traditional Chickarina with Meatballs.


Day six


   Now that you have reached day six, you may want to push your metabolism as hard as you can so you need to divide your soup meal into two servings, this will help you burn fat a lot faster and if you include some physical exercises to your diet, you will have great results.


   Start your day with some Traditional Chicken & Herb Dumpling, in the afternoon switch to something more consistent such as Traditional Chicken Orzo with Lemon and in the evening you may want to try something really special and souperlicious like Traditional Roasted Chicken Rotini.


Day seven

progresso soup diet+ vegetable garden soup 

   On your seventh day you can start by eating some delicious Vegetable Classics Garden Vegetable, after that you might want to serve some Traditional Turkey Noodle and turn your night into a classic one with some Vegetable Classics Minestrone.


   Congratulations! You have now successfully completed your dietetic journey, you may want to celebrate, go out and have a pizza, that is ok but always remember that too much pizza means that you must spend too much time on the treadmill.

Progresso Soup Diet Plan by LucyHeart246w

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